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lunedì 18 marzo 2019

Gender and sexuality? Go to sources

Psicologiaevitacristiana, Wernceslao Vial

Letter to the Editor: "Endocrine Treatment of Gender-Dysphoric/Gender-Incongruent Persons: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline"

Michael K. Laidlaw, Quentin L. Van Meter, Paul W. Hruz, Andre Van Mol, and William J. Malone. in: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, March 2019, 104(3): 686-687.

We present an article published by the same journal that published in 2017 the guide of the American society of clinical endocrinology, to treat people with identity problems or gender dysphoria (discomfort before one's own biological sex or incongruence). Its reading is interesting, since in several countries laws are being promoted, copied from each other, which affirm that gender-related issues are not of medical competence. The authors note an increase in the number of children with this problem, from social contagion (propaganda). These children are being subjected to risky procedures, without the necessary scientific, critical and ethical evaluation. The blockade of puberty, which is done with the so-called gender affirmation treatment (GAT), through sexual hormones, causes an increased risk of tumors, thrombus formation and cardiovascular disease. In addition, it leads to irreversible alteration of natural fertility. This way of acting finds no medical justification, taking into account that there is a psychological treatment that has been shown to be effective, and with fewer adverse effects, for gender dysphoria in childhood (also known as gender identity disorder).  

                                       Article in pdf

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